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               News Letter Dated Feb. 13th, 2016

  Members.........Just another reminder that our meeting will be this Wednesday Feb. 17th at 7pm 

at the Bay Park Hospital in the superior room.  You may come early to set up if you have items 

to sell or trade.  We will be looking  to elect a new field manager.   See you there.

                                                 Terry Hamlin and the Board


                                     Previous News letter Dated 1-14-16
 Fr Jerry Mc Nutt........

              I received this from Ernie Zam and am passing it to the membership............
  So sorry to hear Ernie is unable to fly anymore. His presence in the Club will be greatly missed.
  His contribution to the Club as an Officer and involvement in the foundation of the Club are nothing more than exemplary.  I personally, feel like it was a privildge for having met him.  Our prayers are with you and your wife, Ernie.  May God Bless.
                                                                                              Jerry McNutt

 Note from Ernie............. 

       "Hi Jerry,  HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and all club the members!
        I am sending pictures of  my rc planes that are for sale. I have decided to quit the hobby aft 40+ years. These were some of the best years of my life. I met some of the goofiest guys that any one could imagine. I have planes and engines and misc. stuff. My equipment is JR.  I do have a few electrics. Because of my wife"s condition I do not have time anymore. Thank you."                                                                                                                                                                                     
                                                                 Past President                      ( Thanks Ernie!

                                                              Ernie Zam, Res. 419-698-2442,
                                                                                   Cell 419356-9969 


 Note...... Pictures will be posted shortly.


  Hi Jerry
        I just read your e-mail about Ernie.  I really hate to see one of the most dedicated person to ever be in the club. He was always there to help you when help was needed. Plus he is the greatest craftsman I have ever known. The club will truly miss one of the back bones of the club. Ernie has proven that family certainly comes first above everything else. My prayers are with Ernie and Carol.
    Now is the time I must inform you that I am also going to be leaving the club. I am in the process of consolidating all my RC planes and everything else that goes with it. My grandson Nate who belonged to the club before he graduated from college and took a job in Nevada will get the first pick if he wants to. Then the remainder will be up for sale. I have about seven planes fully equipped to fly. The ones that have never been  in the air are; .60 size Super Chipmunk with electric retracts, a twin engine Cessna 421 (it has O.S. .46s in it), .60 size Big Stick, and a Jap Zero with electric retracts. Also for sale are a Goldberg clipped wing Piper Cub, an Elder 40 (first WW  fighter), and the .60 size Navy Hellcat.
    Most of the stuff will be up for sale shortly and what dos not sell will be taken to the Weak Signals swap meet in April.
    It has been a pleasure to be a Charter Member of the club and I will certainly miss all the guys.
                                                             Mel Hoeft


                     Thanks Mr. Mel, it's been nice flying with you and Ernie !

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