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Print this form using the print page link at the very bottom or download the application below.


 Name________________________________                Date of Birth_________

 Address______________________________                Phone_______________

 City, State, Zip Code_________________________________________

 Email Address______________________________________________

 AMA Number_______________


Please Check Level Of Interest:

 ______ I need help with selection of plane/equipment

______ I am new to the hobby and need help building and/or learning to fly.

______ I know how to fly, but sometimes need help

______ I know how to fly.


Yes, I want to become a member of the Recker R/C Club. I understand that the annual dues are $100.

Contact Secretary -Treasure Jerry McNutt for any Questions concerning dues and amounts.

 I am enclosing my check or cash payment. My signature indicates that I agree to abide by and adhere to the AMA safety code and the Recker R/C Club field and flying rules and that any violation thereof may result in the imposition of the sanction including the loss of privileges and membership.

 I understand I am responsible for any damage caused to other members, guest, or the general public as a result of any negligence on my part.




Return this form with a copy of your current AMA card to:


                                                                               Recker R/C Club, Inc.

                                                                               Jerry McNutt (Sec.-Treasurer)

                                                                               201 East Perry Str.

                                                                               Walbridge, Ohio 43465

                                                                                Ph. 419-661-9167

                                                                                Email: p51nutt4@aol.com