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Field Rules

Recker R/C Club Field Rules
Revised Nov. 2007

  1. Only flying radio controlled models will be allowed at the field. 
  2. Use of the field is restricted to members and member sponsored guest. 
  3. All members and guest using the field are responsible for removing   their own trash. 
  4. A current AMA card is required for all flyers. 
  5. Spectators will not be allowed in the pit areas, taxi areas, or near the flight line unless supervised by a club member. 
  6. Cars must be parked in the designated parking area. 
  7. All aircraft and flying will comply with the AMA safety code. 
  8. All members and guest are responsible for a structurally safe, properly installed radio system, and a successful range check on all new and repaired aircraft. 
  9. An effective muffler is required on all 2 cycle engines .10 c.i. or bigger. 
  10. When flying at the field, all members will attach their membership card to the proper pin on the frequency board, guest should use their AMA card. 
  11. Engine break in is not allowed in the pit area, remain clear of all pilots and spectators. 
  12. When starting , aim the prop wash away from other members and their models. 
  13. Aircraft may taxi out of, but not back into the pit area. 
  14. A pilot who looses control of an aircraft will loudly warn all pilots and spectators so others may take appropriate action. 
  15. A pilot who is trimming a new or repaired model may ask that all flying be suspended during the test flight. All members will comply with this request, during the actual time needed for the trim flight. 
  16. Use of a frequency is limited to 20 minutes if others are waiting to use it. 
  17. Take offs and landing will be made only on the active runway. Hand launches are permitted from the active runway after announcing it to all the other flyers, (never from the pit area). 
  18. A landing aircraft has the right away over aircraft taking off. Sail planes, battery power electric models, and all dead stick aircraft have the right of way over all others. 
  19. All pilots retrieving a model from the runway will loudly announce it to the other flyers before doing so. 
  20. No flying is allowed over the pits, spectators, or parking areas of our field. 
  21. There will be no low fly-bys within 25 feet of the flight line, choppers taking off will be 15 feet from the flight line. 
  22. Flying at our club field is between 9am and 9pm only. 
  23. No flying is allowed when the grass is being mowed. 
  24. Retrieval of downed aircraft in farmers field is limited to one person unless circumstances require more. No vehicles. 
  25. A guest may fly on 3 occasions, after the third time the guest will choose whether or not to join our club. All guests must have a valid AMA card. 
  26. Any member or guest not following the safety rules, will be asked to leave the field
  27.   All aircraft with 100 cc motors or bigger are now required to use 3 bladed props to help control our noise issues . This rule was newly passed at the ( Feb. 18th 2015 meeting)